Announcing! A New Feature on Sincerely, Dr. Dan

Starting this month, I am adding an new feature to Sincerely, Dr. Dan. 

Before I retired from my practice (Palm Beach Pediatrics) in 2015, I used to think that I was a good photographer.  I had posted my pictures on the walls of my offices and I would give away small framed copies of my favorites to my patients.  They used to call them the “Dr. Kraft pictures.”  (See

I would always bring pictures with me while traveling to give away to people who allowed me to take their pictures. Here, in Bali.

After retiring, I finally had the time to join a local camera club here in Florida, the Boynton Beach Camera Club (BBCC), where I quickly saw that I was just “a pretty good“ snapshot photographer compared to the high-level members of the club.  Some of these were seniors who had been photographers for many, many years, dating back to the days of film and home darkrooms. These members taught me to have a much more critical eye and encouraged me to become a much better photographer. 

In appreciation of what I have learned from them, I am beginning a feature which will showcase the some of the best examples of what my fellow BBCC members have produced.

This will be a monthly feature and will include a commentary on the photographer and why they selected certain images as their favorites. 

I will also occasionally intersperse some of my favorite pictures so you can see what kind of photography I enjoy.  

Old Lady in Yunnan, China – 2018
My friend, Squeaky 2017
Walking home from school, Peru 2015